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SSBB Character Icon Pack by AadmM SSBB Character Icon Pack by AadmM
Something I started a loooong time ago, but just recently finished: a set of brushes and symbols for each of the franchises represented in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

I actually made another version of these prior to Brawl's release, back before I even knew anything about Illustrator, which can be found here: [link]

Anyway, those sucked, so I decided after being introduced to Illustrator to make some new ones that were nice and clean. And here they are! Included are 23 different icons, one for every character and franchise represented in the game.

[Installation Instructions]

Photoshop: copy the .abr file over to Photoshop>Presets>Brushes.

Illustrator: copy the .ai file to Illustrator>Presets>Symbols.

Simple! And of course, the symbols and logos used are their respective owners.
51430-CTFSALPHA Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
The supplied .ABR file for Photoshop also works beautifully in GIMP, just in case anyone was wondering. (You need GIMP >= 2.4 for it to work.)

The brushes are very good; the fact that they're quite high-resolution makes it so that there's no blockish pixel effect when using them on large images. Good job on them.
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